Online Mba in United Arab Emirates University

An Online MBA in United Arab Emirates University is a great way to get ahead in the business world. This program offers students an opportunity to gain knowledge and skills that will help them succeed in the corporate world. The curriculum includes courses like accounting, finance, marketing, economics, management information systems and international business.

Students also learn about leadership, communication and teamwork as well as how to manage their time effectively while studying online. Additionally, the course provides access to career services such as resume writing workshops and job search assistance. The cost of attending this program varies depending on whether you are a resident or non-resident student but is usually quite affordable compared to traditional MBA programs.

With an online MBA from UAEU students can get started quickly without having to worry about travel or relocation costs associated with traditional on-campus programs.

The United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) is the first university in the country to offer an online MBA program, giving students the opportunity to earn a respected and accredited degree from one of the most reputable universities in the Middle East. The flexible online format allows learners to complete their studies at their own pace, while receiving guidance and support throughout their studies. With courses taught by experienced faculty members and focusing on business-related topics such as finance, marketing, management science, economics and more; this online MBA offers students an excellent chance of becoming successful professionals within a highly competitive marketplace.

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Is Online Mba Accredited in Uae?

Yes, online MBA programs are accredited in the UAE. Accreditation of an online program is important because it ensures that students have access to a quality education and gain knowledge and skills relevant for the workplace. The accreditation process involves evaluation by independent agencies, such as the Commission on Higher Education Accreditation in the U.S., which assesses whether an institution meets certain standards of quality in terms of curriculum, faculty qualifications, student services and resources available to students.

In addition to this external accrediting body, universities offering distance education courses may also be subject to internal evaluations conducted by their own governing bodies or regional accrediting organizations based in the country where they are located. Therefore, when considering an online MBA program offered in UAE, it is important to check if it has been properly accredited before enrolling so you can be sure you’re getting a high-quality education.

Can I Do Online Mba from Dubai?

Yes, you can do an online MBA from Dubai. Online education has grown significantly in popularity over the past decade, and many universities around the world now offer online MBAs to students based in any geographic location. For example, some of the best universities in Dubai, such as American University of Sharjah and Heriot-Watt University, have developed strong offerings for their students who wish to pursue a degree program remotely.

These programs typically involve attending virtual lectures and completing assignments online – including group projects or presentations – while still benefitting from direct interaction with professors and peers through video conferencing software or other digital platforms. Additionally, most schools provide personalized support services such as e-mentoring or career guidance to ensure that remote learners get the same experience as on-campus participants.

How Much Does It Cost to Study Mba in Uae?

The cost of an MBA in the UAE varies widely depending on the university and type of program. Generally, full-time programs at top universities will range from AED 80,000 to AED 180,000 for a two-year program. Part-time programs are typically more expensive than full-time options because they take longer to complete and have higher tuition rates due to their flexibility.

Executive MBAs (EMBA) can cost up to AED 250,000 or more as these usually involve more intensive coursework and added features such as international study trips or access to business mentors. Additionally, most universities in the UAE also require applicants to pay application fees ranging from AED 1,500 – 3,000 along with other costs associated with attending school such as books and materials.

Is Mba in Uae Worth It?

An MBA in UAE can be a great way to gain specialized knowledge and skills that are essential for success in the business world. It is also an excellent opportunity to develop strong networks with other professionals, which can open doors to new opportunities. The cost of pursuing an MBA in UAE may be relatively expensive compared to other countries, but its value should not be underestimated; highly respected universities offer quality programs that can give you a competitive edge when it comes time to apply for jobs or start your own business.

With the right attitude and dedication, investing in an MBA can pay off immensely both professionally and financially over time.

United Arab Emirates University Mba Fees

The United Arab Emirates University is one of the most prestigious universities in the region, offering Masters programs such as an MBA. The cost for a full-time student to pursue this degree ranges from AED 45,000 – 65,000 per year depending on their fee structure and concentration. This fee is inclusive of tuition fees, books and other study materials.


In conclusion, the Online MBA program at United Arab Emirates University is an ideal way for students to pursue their educational goals and gain a competitive advantage in the workplace. With its quality curriculum, flexibility of course delivery formats, and support from faculty and staff members, UAEU’s Online MBA provides an opportunity for students to gain valuable knowledge while balancing work or other commitments. Additionally, through this program, UAEU demonstrates its commitment to providing world-class academic programs that are accessible to a wide range of individuals who wish to pursue higher education.

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